Growing at Grace

Here are some simple steps that are proven to lead people down a path of spiritual growth.

1. Read Scripture every day

The psalms say that God’s word is like a lamp that shows us where to go, illuminates our path and helps us to avoid obstacles. The Bible reveals the character of God as well as our part in the story He is telling.

We challenge you to start growing making it a goal to read the Scriptures every single day. We’ve seen this simple idea transform lives of people all around the world.

Do you struggle to understand your Bible? You’re not alone. This Bible is an old book and it takes work to truly grasp it’s meaning. If you need support and want to grow in your understanding of a certain book of the Bible, visit and find the video for the book you are studying.


2. learn to talk with god

Prayer is a life changing conversation with the God who made us. Many people feel like they are lost when it comes to prayer. What should I say? How can I start?

Check out this helpful article that outlines some steps you can take today to grow in this hard to understand discipline.

Do you feel ready to pray with God’s people? Prayer is not always about us getting alone with God. In fact, some of the greatest times of prayer are in the company of other believers. Come join our weekly Prayer Circle in Room 104 each Wednesday at 7pm.

3. Connect with others

We believe God made us for relationships, and therefore the Christian life was not made to be lived alone. The Bible says that just like iron sharpens iron, we need other people to help us grow.